Commit 545fe7fb authored by zhaoertao's avatar zhaoertao
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fix bug 4211 [FVT on Power 8 DFM]There is no description for rnetboot ipl in man rnetboot

parent d3f25a84
......@@ -18,8 +18,9 @@ use xCAT::Utils;
my %usage = (
"rnetboot" =>
"Usage: rnetboot <noderange> [-s net|hd] [-F] [-f] [-V|--verbose] [-m table.colum==expectedstatus] [-m table.colum==expectedstatus...] [-r <retrycount>] [-t <timeout>]
rnetboot <noderange> [ipl= address]
rnetboot [-h|--help|-v|--version]",
rnetboot [-h|--help|-v|--version]
zVM specific:
rnetboot <noderange> [ipl= address]",
"rpower" =>
"Usage: rpower <noderange> [--nodeps] [on|onstandby|off|suspend|reset|stat|state|boot] [-V|--verbose] [-m table.colum==expectedstatus][-m table.colum==expectedstatus...] [-r <retrycount>] [-t <timeout>]
rpower [-h|--help|-v|--version]
......@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@ B<rnetboot> [B<-V>|B<--verbose>] [B<-s> I<boot_device_order>] [B<-F>] [B<-f>] I<
B<rnetboot> [B<-h>|B<--help>] [B<-v>|B<--version>]
=head2 zVM specific:
B<rnetboot> noderange [B<ipl=> I<address>]
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