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add ironic baremetal driver

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......@@ -106,7 +106,23 @@ function makexcat {
# make ironic rpm for ironic baremetal driver
function makeironic {
cd `dirname $0`/$RPMNAME
cp -rf ironic_baremetal /tmp/
cd /tmp/ironic_baremetal
git init
git add *
git commit -a -m "generate rpm"
python bdist_rpm
cp -rf dist/*.rpm $RPMROOT/RPMS/$ARCH/
rm -rf /tmp/ironic_baremetal
# Make the xCAT-nbroot-core rpm
function makenbroot {
......@@ -206,7 +222,6 @@ else # linux
if [ "$1" = "xCAT" -o "$1" = "xCATsn" -o "$1" = "xCAT-buildkit" -o "$1" = "xCAT-OpenStack" ]; then
exportEmbed $3
makexcat $1 $2
......@@ -219,6 +234,8 @@ elif [ "$1" = "xCAT-genesis-builder" ]; then
elif [ "$1" = "xCAT-genesis-scripts" ]; then
exportEmbed $3
makegenesisscripts $1 $2
elif [ "$1" = "xCAT-OpenStack-ironic" ]; then
makeironic $1 $2
else # must be one of the noarch rpms
exportEmbed $2
makenoarch $1
include AUTHORS
include ChangeLog
exclude .gitignore
exclude .gitreview
global-exclude *.pyc
xCAT Driver for ironic x86/64 machine
xCAT is a Extreme Cluster/Cloud Administration Toolkit. We can use xcat
to do :
1 hardward discoveery
2 remote hardware control
3 remote sonsole
4 hardware inventory
5 firmware flashing
Ironic is a project in Openstack, it will replace the nova-baremetal in juno release. Ironic's design is very flexable, we can add driver to extend function
without change any code in Openstack. Ironic xCAT driver takes the advantage of xcat and openstack, we can use it to deploy the baremetal machine very easily.
Before using this driver, we must setup the openstack environment at least for two nodes( ironic conductor and neutron network node can't setup on the same node)
Ironic conductor and the baremetal node( waiting for deploy) must in the same vlan
Add the follows in the ironic egg-info entry_points.txt file (ironic.drivers section)
pxe_xcat = ironic.drivers.xcat:XCATBaremetalDriver
When the openstack with ironic is ready, just execute command in the ironic_xcat directory as follows:
$ python install
Restart the ironic-conductor process
Initialize the xcat environment according to
Using xCAT baremetal driver need config site table and run copycds to generate image. The node definition is not requirement.
Ironic use neutron as the network service.
Check the openvswitch config on the network node ,make sure brbm bridge connect to the baremetal node.
Some Example to use the xCAT baremetal driver.
$touch /tmp/rhelhpc6.5-x86_64-install-compute.qcow2;glance image-create --name rhelhpc6.5-x86_64-install-compute --public --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare --property xcat_image_name='rhels6.4-x86_64-install-compute' < /tmp/rhelhpc6.5-x86_64-install-compute.qcow2
--name rhelhpc6.5-x86_64-install-compute is the image name in xcat. You can use lsdef -t osimage on the ironic-conductor node which xcat is installed.
$ ironic node-create --driver pxe_xcat -i -i ipmi_username=userid -i ipmi_password=password -i xcat_node=x3550m4n02 -i xcatmaster= -i netboot=xnba -i ipmi_terminal_port=0 -p memory_mb=2048 -p cpus=8
$ ironic port-create --address ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff --node_uuid <ironic node uuid>
$ nova boot --flavor baremetal --image <image-id> testing --nic net-id=<internal network id>
"""xCAT baremtal exceptions.
from oslo.config import cfg
import six
from ironic.openstack.common.gettextutils import _
from ironic.openstack.common import log as logging
from ironic.common.exception import IronicException
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class xCATCmdFailure(IronicException):
message = _("xcat call failed: %(cmd)s %(node)s %(args)s.")
class xCATDeploymentFailure(IronicException):
message = _("xCAT node deployment failed for node %(node)s:%(error)s")
class GetNetworkFixedIPFailure(IronicException):
message = _("get fixed ip failed for mac %(mac_address)s")
class GetNetworkIdFailure(IronicException):
message = _("get node network in failed for mac %(mac_address)s")
class FailedToGetInfoOnPort(IronicException):
message = _("Show info on port: %(port_id)s failed.")
\ No newline at end of file
Get the network from neutron
This is a xcat patch for the ironic/common/
from neutronclient.common import exceptions as neutron_client_exc
from ironic.common import exception
from ironic.openstack.common import log as logging
from ironic.common import neutron
from ironic.drivers.modules import xcat_exception
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def get_vif_port_info(task, port_id):
""" Get detail port info from neutron with a given port id """
api = neutron.NeutronAPI(task.context)
port_info = api.client.show_port(port_id)
except neutron_client_exc.NeutronClientException:
LOG.exception(_("Failed to get port info %s."), port_id)
raise exception.FailedToGetInfoOnPort(port_id=port_id)
return port_info
def get_ports_info_from_neutron(task):
""" Get neutron port info from neutron about this task """
vifs = neutron.get_node_vif_ids(task)
if not vifs:
LOG.warning(_("No VIFs found for node %(node)s when attempting to "
"update Neutron DHCP BOOT options."),
{'node': task.node.uuid})
failures = []
vif_ports_info = {}
for port_id, port_vif in vifs.iteritems():
vif_ports_info[port_id] = get_vif_port_info(task,port_vif)
except xcat_exception.FailedToGetInfoOnPort(port_id=port_vif):
return vif_ports_info
pxe procedure for the xcat baremetal driver
use xcat to config dhcp and tftp
import os
import time
import paramiko
import datetime
from oslo.config import cfg
from ironic.common import exception
from ironic.common import image_service as service
from ironic.common import keystone
from ironic.common import states
from ironic.common import utils
from ironic.conductor import task_manager
from ironic.conductor import utils as manager_utils
from ironic.drivers import base
from ironic.drivers import utils as driver_utils
from ironic.openstack.common import log as logging
from ironic.openstack.common import strutils
from ironic.drivers.modules import xcat_neutron
from ironic.drivers.modules import xcat_util
from ironic.openstack.common import loopingcall
from nova.openstack.common import timeutils
from ironic.openstack.common import lockutils
from ironic.drivers.modules import xcat_exception
pxe_opts = [
default='nofb nomodeset vga=normal',
help='Additional append parameters for baremetal PXE boot.'),
help='Default file system format for ephemeral partition, '
'if one is created.'),
xcat_opts = [
help='IP address of neutron network node'),
help='Username of neutron network node.'),
help='Password of neutron network node'),
help='ssh connection port for the neutron '),
help='host file of server'),
help='max depolyment time(seconds) for the xcat driver'),
help='interval time(seconds) to check the xcat deploy state'),
LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)
CONF.register_opts(pxe_opts, group='pxe')
CONF.register_opts(xcat_opts, group='xcat')
CONF.import_opt('use_ipv6', 'ironic.netconf')
EM_SEMAPHORE = 'xcat_pxe'
def _check_for_missing_params(info_dict, param_prefix=''):
missing_info = []
for label, value in info_dict.items():
if not value:
missing_info.append(param_prefix + label)
if missing_info:
raise exception.InvalidParameterValue(_(
"Can not validate PXE bootloader. The following parameters "
"were not passed to ironic: %s") % missing_info)
def _parse_driver_info(node):
"""Gets the driver specific Node deployment info.
This method validates whether the 'driver_info' property of the
supplied node contains the required information for this driver to
deploy images to the node.
:param node: a single Node.
:returns: A dict with the driver_info values.
info = node.driver_info
d_info = {}
d_info['xcat_node'] = info.get('xcat_node')
return d_info
def _parse_instance_info(node):
"""Gets the instance specific Node deployment info.
This method validates whether the 'instance_info' property of the
supplied node contains the required information for this driver to
deploy images to the node.
:param node: a single Node.
:returns: A dict with the instance_info values.
info = node.instance_info
i_info = {}
i_info['image_source'] = info.get('image_source')
i_info['root_gb'] = info.get('root_gb')
i_info['image_file'] = i_info['image_source']
# Internal use only
i_info['deploy_key'] = info.get('deploy_key')
i_info['swap_mb'] = info.get('swap_mb', 0)
i_info['ephemeral_gb'] = info.get('ephemeral_gb', 0)
i_info['ephemeral_format'] = info.get('ephemeral_format')
err_msg_invalid = _("Can not validate PXE bootloader. Invalid parameter "
"%(param)s. Reason: %(reason)s")
for param in ('root_gb', 'swap_mb', 'ephemeral_gb'):
except ValueError:
reason = _("'%s' is not an integer value.") % i_info[param]
raise exception.InvalidParameterValue(err_msg_invalid %
{'param': param, 'reason': reason})
if i_info['ephemeral_gb'] and not i_info['ephemeral_format']:
i_info['ephemeral_format'] = CONF.pxe.default_ephemeral_format
preserve_ephemeral = info.get('preserve_ephemeral', False)
i_info['preserve_ephemeral'] = strutils.bool_from_string(
preserve_ephemeral, strict=True)
except ValueError as e:
raise exception.InvalidParameterValue(err_msg_invalid %
{'param': 'preserve_ephemeral', 'reason': e})
return i_info
def _parse_deploy_info(node):
"""Gets the instance and driver specific Node deployment info.
This method validates whether the 'instance_info' and 'driver_info'
property of the supplied node contains the required information for
this driver to deploy images to the node.
:param node: a single Node.
:returns: A dict with the instance_info and driver_info values.
info = {}
return info
def _validate_glance_image(ctx, deploy_info):
"""Validate the image in Glance.
Check if the image exist in Glance and if it contains the
'kernel_id' and 'ramdisk_id' properties.
:raises: InvalidParameterValue.
image_id = deploy_info['image_source']
if not image_id:
raise exception.ImageNotFound
class PXEDeploy(base.DeployInterface):
"""PXE Deploy Interface: just a stub until the real driver is ported."""
def validate(self, task):
"""Validate the deployment information for the task's node.
:param task: a TaskManager instance containing the node to act on.
:raises: InvalidParameterValue.
node = task.node
if not driver_utils.get_node_mac_addresses(task):
raise exception.InvalidParameterValue(_("Node %s does not have "
"any port associated with it.") % node.uuid)
d_info = _parse_deploy_info(node)
# Try to get the URL of the Ironic API
# TODO(lucasagomes): Validate the format of the URL
CONF.conductor.api_url or keystone.get_service_url()
except (exception.CatalogFailure,
raise exception.InvalidParameterValue(_(
"Couldn't get the URL of the Ironic API service from the "
"configuration file or keystone catalog."))
_validate_glance_image(task.context, d_info)
def deploy(self, task):
"""Start deployment of the task's node'.
Config host file and xcat dhcp, generate image info for xcat
and issues a reboot request to the power driver.
This causes the node to boot into the deployment ramdisk and triggers
the next phase of PXE-based deployment via
:param task: a TaskManager instance containing the node to act on.
:returns: deploy state DEPLOYDONE.
d_info = _parse_deploy_info(task.node)
if not task.node.instance_info.get('fixed_ip_address') or not task.node.instance_info.get('image_name'):
raise exception.InvalidParameterValue
manager_utils.node_set_boot_device(task, 'pxe', persistent=True)
manager_utils.node_power_action(task, states.REBOOT)
except xcat_exception.xCATDeploymentFailure:"xcat deployment failed"))
return states.ERROR
return states.DEPLOYDONE
def tear_down(self, task):
"""Tear down a previous deployment on the task's node.
Power off the node. All actual clean-up is done in the clean_up()
method which should be called separately.
:param task: a TaskManager instance containing the node to act on.
:returns: deploy state DELETED.
manager_utils.node_power_action(task, states.POWER_OFF)
return states.DELETED
def prepare(self, task):
"""Prepare the deployment environment for this task's node.
Get the image info from glance, config the mac for the xcat
use ssh and iptables to disable dhcp on network node
:param task: a TaskManager instance containing the node to act on.
# TODO(deva): optimize this if rerun on existing files
d_info = _parse_deploy_info(task.node)
i_info = task.node.instance_info
image_id = d_info['image_source']
glance_service = service.Service(version=1, context=task.context)
image_name =['name']
i_info['image_name'] = image_name
except (exception.GlanceConnectionFailed,
LOG.warning(_("Failed to connect to Glance to get the properties "
"of the image %s") % image_id)
node_mac_addresses = driver_utils.get_node_mac_addresses(task)
vif_ports_info = xcat_neutron.get_ports_info_from_neutron(task)
network_info = self._get_deploy_network_info(vif_ports_info, node_mac_addresses)
except (xcat_exception.GetNetworkFixedIPFailure,xcat_exception.GetNetworkIdFailure):
LOG.error(_("Failed to get network info"))
if not network_info:
LOG.error(_("Failed to get network info"))
fixed_ip_address = network_info['fixed_ip_address']
deploy_mac_address = network_info['mac_address']
network_id = network_info['network_id']
i_info['fixed_ip_address'] = fixed_ip_address
i_info['network_id'] = network_id
i_info['deploy_mac_address'] = deploy_mac_address
# use iptables to drop the dhcp mac of baremetal machine
def clean_up(self, task):
"""Clean up the deployment environment for the task's node.
Unlinks TFTP and instance images and triggers image cache cleanup.
Removes the TFTP configuration files for this node. As a precaution,
this method also ensures the keystone auth token file was removed.
:param task: a TaskManager instance containing the node to act on.
def take_over(self, task):
def _get_deploy_network_info(self, vif_ports_info, valid_node_mac_addrsses):
"""Get network info from mac address of ironic node.
:param vif_ports_info: info collection from neutron ports
:param valid_node_mac_addrsses: mac address from ironic node
:raises: GetNetworkFixedIpFailure if search the fixed ip from mac address failure
:raises: GetNetworkIdFailure if search the network id from mac address failure
network_info = {}
for port_info in vif_ports_info.values():
if(port_info['port']['mac_address'] in valid_node_mac_addrsses ):
network_info['fixed_ip_address'] = port_info['port']['fixed_ips'][0]['ip_address']
if not network_info['fixed_ip_address']:
raise xcat_exception.GetNetworkFixedIPFailure(mac_address=port_info['port']['mac_address'])
network_info['mac_address'] = port_info['port']['mac_address']
network_info['network_id'] = port_info['port']['network_id']
if not network_info['network_id']:
raise xcat_exception.GetNetworkIdFailure(mac_address=port_info['port']['mac_address'])
network_info['port_id'] = port_info['port']['id']
return network_info
return network_info
def _chdef_node_mac_address(self, driver_info, deploy_mac):
""" run chdef command to set mac address"""
cmd = 'chdef'
args = 'mac='+ deploy_mac
out_err = xcat_util.exec_xcatcmd(driver_info, cmd, args)"xcat chdef cmd exetute output: %(out_err)s") % {'out_err':out_err})
except xcat_exception.xCATCmdFailure as e:
LOG.warning(_("xcat chdef failed for node %(xcat_node)s with "
"error: %(error)s.")
% {'xcat_node': driver_info['xcat_node'], 'error': e})
raise exception.IPMIFailure(cmd=cmd)
@lockutils.synchronized(EM_SEMAPHORE, 'xcat-hosts-')
def _config_host_file(self, driver_info, deploy_ip):
""" append node and ip infomation to host file"""
with open(CONF.xcat.host_filepath,"r+") as f:
lines = []
for line in f:
temp = line.split('#')
if temp[0].strip():
host_name = xcat_util._tsplit(temp[0].strip(),(' ','\t'))[1]
if driver_info['xcat_node'] not in host_name:
# append a new line to host file
line = "%s\t%s\n" %(deploy_ip,driver_info['xcat_node'])
for line in lines:
def _nodeset_osimage(self, driver_info, image_name):
"""run nodeset command to config the image for the xcat node
:param driver_info: xcat node deploy info
:param image_name: image for the xcat deployment
cmd = 'nodeset'
args = 'osimage='+ image_name
xcat_util.exec_xcatcmd(driver_info, cmd, args)
except xcat_exception.xCATCmdFailure as e:
LOG.warning(_("xcat nodeset failed for node %(xcat_node)s with "
"error: %(error)s.")
% {'xcat_node': driver_info['xcat_node'], 'error': e})
def _make_dhcp(self):
"""run makedhcp command to setup dhcp environment for the xcat node"""
cmd = ['makedhcp',
out, err = utils.execute(*cmd)" excute cmd: %(cmd)s \n output: %(out)s \n. Error: %(err)s \n"),
{'cmd':cmd,'out': out, 'err': err})
except Exception as e:
LOG.error(_("Unable to execute %(cmd)s. Exception: %(exception)s"),
{'cmd': cmd, 'exception': e})
# makedhcp -a
cmd = ['makedhcp',
out, err = utils.execute(*cmd)" excute cmd: %(cmd)s \n output: %(out)s \n. Error: %(err)s \n"),
{'cmd':cmd,'out': out, 'err': err})
except Exception as e:
LOG.error(_("Unable to execute %(cmd)s. Exception: %(exception)s"),
{'cmd': cmd, 'exception': e})
def _ssh_append_dhcp_rule(self,ip,port,username,password,network_id,mac_address):
""" drop the dhcp package in network node to avoid of confilct of dhcp """
netns = 'qdhcp-%s' %network_id
append_cmd = 'sudo ip netns exec %s iptables -A INPUT -m mac --mac-source %s -j DROP' % \
cmd = [append_cmd]
def _ssh_delete_dhcp_rule(self,ip,port,username,password,network_id,mac_address):
""" delete the iptable rule on network node to recover the environment"""
netns = 'qdhcp-%s' %network_id
cancel_cmd = 'sudo ip netns exec %s iptables -D INPUT -m mac --mac-source %s -j DROP' % \
cmd = [cancel_cmd]
def _wait_for_node_deploy(self, task):
"""Wait for xCAT node deployment to complete."""
locals = {'errstr':''}
driver_info = _parse_deploy_info(task.node)
node_mac_addrsses = driver_utils.get_node_mac_addresses(task)
i_info = task.node.instance_info
def _wait_for_deploy():
out,err = xcat_util.exec_xcatcmd(driver_info,'nodels','nodelist.status')
if err:
locals['errstr'] = _("Error returned when quering node status"
" for node %s:%s") % (driver_info['xcat_node'], err)
raise loopingcall.LoopingCallDone()