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If you have a x86 solution using Slurm this can be configured with low priority partitions to not impact any existing workflows and still use capacity. There is a single partition to setup for CPU only solutions and another for GPU based jobs. To run GPU jobs a CUDA installation must be present either installed directly on each system running the client or as a loadable module.
Please note, the following instructions are given to help get your cluster folding as soon as possible. All software is public domain and OCF own no intellectual property associated with mentioned software. All modifications made to production clusters are done at your own risk and OCF accept no responsibility for misconfiguration.
**Do you have any code snippets or anything to get started?**
Yes, we do.
We have an [ocf-folding]( Kubernetes container put together that we've been utilising on a DGX-POD environment to help burn it in, and there is further information above on how to do this on a physical system devoting the spare cycles you have.
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